Bihar GK Question Answer in English || for Bihar Police Exam 2020

Bihar GK : Question Answer in English for Bihar Police Exam 2020

Hello friends, in this article today, we will know about some important questions (Bihar GK Question Answer in English) related to Bihar GK, which is very important from the point of view of competitive exams to be held in the state of Bihar.

Important Question Answer for Bihar Police in English

Q.1 Which Jain literature has mentioned the 16 Mahajanpadas for the first time?

Ans: Bhagwati Sutra

Q.2 The Nangi strike was done by prisoners of which jail?

Ans: Chhapra jail

Q.3 Which theatrical is composed by Bhikhari Thakur?

Ans: Videshiya

Q.4 Which district of Bihar is the largest tea producer?

Ans: Kishanganj

Q.4 Which river is known as Sumagadhi?

Ans: Sakri river

Q.5 Which river is also known as Lakhandei and Karnali?

Ans: Ghaghra (Saryu)

Q.6 On which river was the Indrapuri barrage built in 1968?

Ans: Sone

Q.7 Which city is known as Siraj of India?

Ans: Jaunpur

Q.8 What does a fish shape denote in Mithila art?

Ans: Sexuality

Q.9 Where was the first Buddhist Council organised?

Ans: Rajgir

Q.10 The achievements of Rudradaman- I are described in which inscriptions?

Ans: Junagarh

Q.11 Which inscription mentions Ashoka as ‘Buddha Shakya’?

Ans: Maski

Q.12 Which inscription mentions Ashoka as ‘Priyadarshi’?

Ans: Bhabru

Q.13 What was the age of Parshwanath when he relinquished his home?

Ans: 30 years

Q.14 Under which article the governor recommends President’s rule in the state?

Ans: Article 356

Q.15 Under which article can the president announce President’s rule in a state?

Ans: Article 352

Q.16 Which epic was compiled in the Third Buddhist Council?

Ans: Abhidhammapitak

Q.17 Which is the rule book of Buddhism?

Ans: Vinaypitak

Q.18 Which book describes the philosophy of Buddhism?

Ans: Abhidhammapitak

Q.19 The first information about the Mahajanpadas is found in which book?

Ans: Agantur Nikay & Bhagwati utray

20. The governor appoints the members of council of ministers on whose recommendation?

Ans: Chief Minister

Q.21 What was the minimum age prescribed for a person to enter Buddhist Sangha?

Ans: 15 years

Q.22 Which two prominent leaders of Bihar were associated with Harijan Sevak Sangh?

Ans: Jagjivan Ram and Jaglal Chaudhary

Q.23 Under whose chairmanship the congress committee decided to launch the civil disobedience movement on 9th may 1930?

Ans: Anugrah Narayan Singh

Q.24 Under which law was Dr. Rajendra Prasad arrested on 9th August, 1942?

Ans: Indian Security Act

Q.25 Where was the freedom fighter Jubba Sahni from?

Ans: Chainpur, Sitamarhi

Q.26 Keshav Prasad Sinha was associated with which revolutionary conspiracy?

Ans: Gaya Conspiracy

Q.27 Who was the first Muslim ruler to successfully invade Bihar?

Ans: Bakhtiyar Khilji

Q.28 Who became the ruler of Magadha after the death of Shishunaga?

Ans: Kalasoka

Q.29 Kaushambi inscription of Ashoka is in which state?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

Q.30 Which Indo- Bactrian attacked Patliputra in 185 B.C.?

Ans: Demetrius

Q.31 Who started collecting tax from Tirhut region after establishing his rule over Bengal during the reign of Iltutmish in 1211 A.D.?

Ans: Gayasuddin

Q.32 Which poet is known as Kalidas of Bihar?

Ans: Bhikhari Thakur

Q.33 During the rule of which Lodi king, Dariya Khan, the governor of Bihar, revolted?

Ans: Ibrahim Khan Lodi

Q.34 Whic texts prove that Ashoka had built separate hospitals for humans and animals?

Ans: Girinar texts

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