Sports GK Questions for Class 6 in English

Sports GK Questions with Answers||For Class 6

Hello friends, today in this article we are going to (Sports GK Questions for Class 6 in English) answer some GK questions related to sports for children from class VI to class VIII, which all parents should study these questions to their children, from which The related general knowledge should be strong, now they can answer them correctly when asked in the examination. Read More… Must-Know GK Quiz class 6 CBSE


GK Questions for Class 6 Online Test

Q.1 In which year Olympic Games were cancelled because of World War I ?

Ans- 1916

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Q.2 Who was the winner of Football World Cup in 2010?

Ans- Spain

Q.3 Where did the game of Badminton originate from?

Ans- Pune

Q.4 When is national sports day of India celebrated?

Ans- August 22

Q.5 When was women’s and men’s doubles introduced in Wimbledon?

Ans- 1884

Q.6 Who among the following is known as “Flying Sikh of India”

Ans- Milkha Singh

Q.7 Total Olympic medals won by India in 2012

Ans- Six

Q.8 The only driver in Indian Grand Prix 2011 is

Ans- Alice Powell

Q.9 How many players are there in each side of a Hockey team?

Ans- 11

Q.10 How many players are there in each side of a Basket Ball team?

Ans- 5

Q.11 Commonwealth Games are held in every _ years

Ans- 4 years

Q.12 What is the full form of cricket tournament- IPL?

Ans- Indian Premier League

Q.13 How many Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments are held every year?

Ans- 4

Q.14 In which sports, the term HAT-TRICK is used?

Ans- Cricket

Q.15 Number of players in one team of Kho Kho are

Ans- Nine

Q.16 Eden Gardens cricket stadium is in –

Ans- Calcutta

Q.17 Which country will host Cricket World Cup 2019 –

Ans- England

(Sports GK Questions for Class 6 in English)

Q.18 Football was introduced as a competitive game in Olympics in year –

Ans: 1908

Q.19 Hockey is the National sports of –

Ans- India and Pakistan

Q.20 Which is the National sport of Canada?

Ans- Lacrosse/Ice hockey

Q.21 _ has Cricket as its National S

Ans- Jamaica

Q.22 _ is the national sport of Turkey

Ans- Wrestling

Q.23 In which country Commonwealth games were held in 2010?

Ans- India

Q.24 Which country has hosted Commonwealth Games for the maximum number of times?

Ans- Canada

Q.25 Caddie is related to __________

Ans- Golf


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